We will be commencing a series of events and our national awareness campaign from April 2017. MFN aims to reach out to the wider community through the Muslim Fostering Project. We will be live at the Muslim Lifestyle Show and in and around shopping centres, Masjids and community centres near you. We also need your help your support and contribute to making this project a great success.

National Events

Muslim Lifestyle Show 2017

The Muslim Lifestyle Show is set to bring a range of Muslim organisations and outlets under one roof and what better place than to find out more about our MFP program than in the heart of the action. Our launch event will be at the Muslim Lifestyle Show in London on 15-16th April 2017.  Please join us, enjoy a fantastic day out and learn about Fostering!

UK Masjid Tour
We will be working with local Masjids across the country to raise awareness. Our UK tour starts on 22 April 2017 in London. Please click here for a full list of venues and dates.

Shopping Centre

During Ramadan 2017 we will be exhibiting at a number of shopping centres across the U.K. Please click here for full list of venues and dates.

Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight 2017 will take place from Monday 8th to Sunday 21 May.  During this week we will be working with Masjids across the U.K to ensure a talk around fostering is deliver during the Friday Khutbah.

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We encourage you to contact us in the first instance to get involved with the MFN initiative.
We are actively seeking to work with the following groups of people but welcome people from all walks of life with a sincere interest in getting involved in the project.

Carer or Foster Child: If you are a foster carer or lived in the care we would love to hear from you. Your stories and experience matter to ensure we make a difference to those that matter the most

Professionals: If you are a social worker or lawyer and have experience in legal issues related to refugee children, please get in touch. Help us to improve the system, challenge the government and provide legal support to refugee children to settle in the U.K.

Mentor or Independent Visitor: Would you like to make a positive difference in the life of a young person? If the answer is yes then why not become a mentor or independent visitor and make a difference to those in care.

Community Champion & Volunteers: We are seeking to recruit local champions and volunteers who will help organise and promote events all over the country. Sign up now and join us on this incredible journey.

Community Engagement Events: If you feel your organisation and local community would benefit from any of our events and are happy to support us to host an event, please get in touch today!

The Muslim Foster Project is a program of Mercy Mission UK. As a charity, we rely on your support and donations. This project has support from Islamic Relief UK and The Better Communities Business Network but welcomes donations from the general public to expand the reach of our activities.

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