Muslim Foster Network (MFN) supports the independent visitor programme and aims to inform you about the ways that you can become an independent visitor for children who are in the care of the local authority. This leaflet aims to shed light on becoming an independent visitor and supporting children in need.

MFN want to increase the number of volunteers available to young people around the country, enabling them to have access to the much-needed support they require.

We need your help today to ensure that thousands of children are given the opportunity of additional support services. Please register your interest and send us your details using the contact us section at the back of this leaflet.

What is an independent visitor?

Independent visitors are exceptional individuals who volunteer their time to support and visit a young person living in the care of the local authority. This is done through creating a friendship with the young person who may be residing in a residential unit or foster care.

Who can be an independent visitor?

You need to be over 18 years of age to be an independent visitor and be willing to dedicate time to visit a child or young person to offer support. You should have a sincere and genuine interest in playing a significant role in building up the wellbeing of a child. All applicants will be asked their consent to undergo the proper background checks to become an independent visitor.

What time and commitment do I need to give?

We would like our free visitors to dedicate a few hours of their time once a month for a minimum of two years to a young person or child. This will enable both the visitor and young person to form a consistent friendship and bond and get the support they need. Independent visitors play a significant role in a young person’s life and may do activities such as sports, seeing the latest film or engaging in hobbies that the young person would like to do. Your contribution would also play a pivotal role in the young person’s social, emotional and educational development, offering support and advice where needed.

Do I need any special qualifications?

There are no specific qualifications required to be an independent visitor. However, you do need to have a genuine interest in playing a significant role in the child’s life offering support and promoting positive wellbeing. At the start of the application process, we will discuss your experience and skills and what the role requires in more detail.

How do I register my interest?

To register your interest in becoming an independent visitor click here:

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