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We urgently need more Muslim Foster carers!


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We at the Muslim Foster Network (MFN) are committed to ensuring the best  outcome for these children. The Muslim Foster Network is an initiative of Mercy Mission UK. Our work is focused on providing information and awareness on fostering in the UK for those individuals wishing to become foster carers. We work with selected agencies and local authorities to make this happen. As a recognised community development organisation, we use our community infrastructure and experience to support as many Muslims as possible in this incredibly humbling and rewarding journey.

We will support you every step of the way!

At Muslim Foster Network we have created resources and offer training particularly to non-Muslim foster carers who are taking in Muslim children due to the national shortage of Muslim foster carers. We want to ensure they have the right tools to offer the best support and care for the child. You can download a copy of the PDF version by clicking the button below:


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If you would like to apply to become a foster carer, use our online form here instead to start your journey.

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