Donate Now for our MFN Ramadan Gift Box

We want to ensure that the efforts of diverse foster carers are recognised and appreciated by giving them the support they need during the special holy month of Ramadan. This Ramadan gift box will aid them in understanding the needs of a Muslim foster child and will increase the bonds between a foster child and their carer.

There are many non-Muslim foster carers in the UK who look after Muslim foster children. The Ramadan gift box aims to give the foster parent an insight into the child’s faith and identity through literature and gifts as a gesture of support for the foster carer from all of us at Muslim Foster Network.

Following the success of our Eid gift boxes last year, this new Ramadan box will include sweets for the foster child, chocolates for the carer and books for both the carer and child to take home.

 We want foster parents to better understand the cultural and religious needs of the child during a time when Muslims would be fasting around the world and coming together in worship.

 We would appreciate all those wishing to support this initiative to donate to this initiative today to enable us to give a gift to caring foster carers in the UK.

Each Ramadan gift box will cost us £15 to make and will enable the child to feel connected to their faith during the holy month of Ramadan whilst letting the foster carer better support their foster child during this special time.

 Show your support today and by sponsoring a Ramadan gift box by clicking the link below: