MFN Guide pdf

The Muslim Foster Network has a created a guide to fostering that helps in supporting potential carers to understand the needs of Muslim children coming into foster care and the backgrounds from which these children may have come from.  All children need stability and continuity in care and we aim to shed light on this.

Through a lack of understanding about the Muslim faith there are often questions like ‘can you not eat bacon?’ and ‘is there a reason you don’t have a boyfriend?’. These questions can often make the child feel uncomfortable and may affect the child’s confidence to express their beliefs.

Despite the fact that most carers ask these questions due to lack of understanding about the Islamic faith, there has been concerns in finding the right placements for Muslim children which is why we need better interfaith understanding for Non-Muslim foster carers and more Muslim foster carers willing to do the Sunnah act of fostering.

Our guide ensures that potential foster carers can take on a sensitive and religiously tolerant approach to a Muslim foster child. The guide explores all the key issues that were raised with us from children, social workers, industry professionals and Islamic commentators in an easy to understand format. We have an app version also available, which can be downloaded below.

Alternatively, if you would like a physical copy of our guide then you can do so by clicking here.