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We will be hosting a series of events for our national awareness campaign – Foster Friday.
Established in 2017 by the Muslim Foster Network, Foster Friday is the UK’s biggest day for raising awareness about fostering within the Muslim community.

In 2018 Foster Friday took place during Foster Care Fortnight which is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering across the UK.

This year, Foster Friday will be expanded beyond the Muslim community with many different groups participating across the country to reach potential foster carers from all faith groups and ethnicities. Working in partnership with The Muslim Council of Britain, last year 180 mosques across the UK received a campaign toolkit, which included marketing materials and a guide on delivering a lecture on fostering to the Muslim community. This empowered and encouraged Imams to discuss fostering during their Friday sermon, which is the biggest weekly gathering of Muslims across the UK.

This year we envisage that many mosques will take part again. Following Foster Friday we will be embarking on a roadshow across England to engage with the community and raise awareness about our work and the urgent need for new carers.

The key theme and focus of Foster Friday 2019 will be on ‘Caring for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children.’
This year’s events will offer an opportunity for fostering services, the third sector, faith groups, businesses, and local communities to work together in supporting thousands of UASC living in care and also care leavers.

Social Media
Please also show your support for Foster Friday on Social Media with these four easy steps:
1. Download and print our “I support fostering” template
2. Add your name to the template
3. Take a picture
4. Post on social media with #FF2019


Download “Support Foster Friday” PDF || Download “Support Foster Friday” PNG


Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight 2019 will take place from Monday 8th to Sunday 21 May.  During this week we will be working with Masjids across the U.K to ensure a talk about fostering is deliver during the Friday Khutbah.

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We encourage you to contact us in the first instance to get involved with the MFN initiative.
We are actively seeking to work with the following groups of people but welcome people from all walks of life with a sincere interest in getting involved in the project.

Carer or Foster Child: If you are a foster carer or lived in the care we would love to hear from you. Your stories and experience matter to ensure we make a difference to those that matter the most

Professionals: If you are a social worker or lawyer and have experience in legal issues related to refugee children, please get in touch. Help us to improve the system, challenge the government and provide legal support to refugee children to settle in the U.K.

Mentor or Independent Visitor: Would you like to make a positive difference in the life of a young person? If the answer is yes then why not become a mentor or independent visitor and make a difference to those in care. Find out more here.

Community Champion & Volunteers: We are seeking to recruit local champions and volunteers who will help organise and promote events all over the country. Sign up now and join us on this incredible journey.

Community Engagement Events: If you feel your organisation and local community would benefit from any of our events and are happy to support us to host an event, please get in touch today!

Muslim Foster Network is a program of Mercy Mission UK. As a charity, we rely on your support and donations. This project has support from Islamic Relief UK and The Better Communities Business Network but welcomes donations from the general public to expand the reach of our activities.

Our work focuses on finding the best suited Foster parents who have the capacity to provide a warm and loving home for children in care. We also work with Local authorities on cultural competency for non-Muslim foster parents who have Muslim children in their care. we have created guides and resources for non-Muslim parents to use so they can better understand the child’s culture, religion, values and identity.

We have also launched Eid Gift Boxes for foster children in care, this Ramadan we distributed over 285 gift boxes to Muslim children in care.

Upon great success and feedback, we are looking to continue our efforts to have the children partake in the Eid festivities, so they can feel part of the community.

The gift box also has information regarding Islam and Islamic festivities, why it is celebrated and what to do on the day. so the parents can have a better understanding of the child’s beliefs and identity. this allows better care for the child through the tough time and trauma allowing for them to settle better within the home.

Eid ul Adha is a great time to spend with family and friends and your generous donations can allow for a Muslim child to participate in the festivities.

Donate today.

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