Mercy Mission Mentor

In 2017, over 2500 refugee children claimed asylum in the UK, arriving alone, with no family to support them. They left their country of origin due to conflict, political instability or other reasons seeking safety and protection. These children undertake long and difficult journeys to get to the UK.

Mercy Mission Mentor is a programme that is dedicated to help and support these children so they can resettle in the UK. We offer them one to one mentoring with highly skilled select professionals to assist them in gaining essential life skills as well as a brighter future.

Often children who have come to the UK as refugees have already experienced some level of emotional or physical trauma.  Refugee children will be fostered up until the age of 18. At this age, they are then left to lead an independent life, often without any support. At MFN we recognise the need for extended support and want to change this.

We believe that refugee children need the support of foster parents not just up until the age of 18 and should be given the opportunity to build long lasting relationships and a network of support.  Those refugees who are left to fend for themselves once they turn 18 may experience significant problems in remaining in the U.K, finding a place to stay, progressing their education or even finding employment.

With the support of the local authority Independent Visitor Scheme, MFN has developed a mentoring program to build relationships between approved individuals and refugee Children. This will ensure these children and the families looking after them have direct support and access to the local community.  At the same time, MFN will partner with National Zakat Foundation (NZF) to provide financial assistance to 18 year olds to help provide a seamless transition out of care.

Mercy Mission Mentor

Omar Salha Mentor (CEO of Ramadan Tent Project)

Irfan Malik Mentor (Principal Director Accenture)

Foster Carer Joycelyn Ross Edwards

Maurice Wren from Refugee Council